Blind date

I ask for
a glass of peppermint tea


Anonym hat gesagt…
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Anonym hat gesagt…

Once more without typo:
Peppermint tea is good if someone suffer from sickness, stomach problems. So you were nervous. Or you wanted present yourself as a teetotaler (German: Antialkoholiker). I like the English expression "teetotaler". First I read in the dictionary "teatotaler"! :-)
I like both imaginations. The ku opens wide.

Devika hat gesagt…

Peppermint tea -- is hard for me, lemon tea is good enough! :)

but this haiku is too unclear, Ralf


Dalloway hat gesagt…

perhaps Ralf is wanting to put his beer goggles aside this time (does 'beer goggles' translate into German?).

I think its lovely. There are so many reasons why peppermint tea is the drink of choice on this occasion - fun to think about

Anonym hat gesagt…

I made efforts in English:

"Beer goggles is a slang term for a phenomenon in which consumption of alcohol lowers sexual inhibitions to the point that very little or no discretion is used when approaching or choosing sexual partners."
“Beer goggles ist der Ausdruck (Slang) für das Phänomen, dass Alkoholkonsum die sexuelle Hemmschwelle absenkt, in der Art, dass nur sehr geringe oder gar keine Diskretion besteht, wenn man sich einem Geschlechtspartner annähert oder ihn auswählt." Maybe the German word "Bierlaune" or "Bierdunst" comes close to the american slang.

Another reason to order peppermint tea in the blind date... I like this imagination as well.


gautami tripathy hat gesagt…

blind date-
pepermint tea
safest option

Lorraine hat gesagt…

Good thinking...;) soothing and fresh breath I love this lol

Gabriele Brunsch hat gesagt…

...makes me smile...
not only your poem, but all the imponderables mentioned in the comments - OMG - but as gautami tripathy said - it's the safest option - and finally the decent smile just turns into a hearty laugh - lol

Janice Thomson hat gesagt…

Love the possibilities in this Ralf! :)

RBroeker hat gesagt…

Thank you everybody. I see this verse is very open. I loved the idea of feeling fresh ... Will think about adding this .

Best wishes

© GeBe hat gesagt…

A nice ku, with a little breeze of bashfulness.
Indeed, very good! Love it.


jem hat gesagt…

Nice one - so much story to this. So many gaps for us to fill in with our own plot.

RBroeker hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot, Gesine and jem.

Best wishes