In a circle

the sound of earth
on wood


Devika Jyothi hat gesagt…

this spins my head, Ralf :)
may be i'm a bit too dizzy...too hot is the summer this year...and no rains!


Anonym hat gesagt…

After Ralf's comment at the German blog of HaikuSine I could decode Ralf's ku. It means a burial. We throw earth into the grave - on the wooden coffin. The circle: the mourners around the grave.

This ku reminds me of "earth to earth, ash to ash, dust to dust" (liturgic phrase). The circle reminds me of "Erdkreis" which means not only earth but also the whole world.


Lorraine hat gesagt…

soft mood, melancholy, so many emotions in this very tranquil Haiku

gautami tripathy hat gesagt…

This is one truth we all face maybe in different rituals.

Emma Dalloway hat gesagt…

this is excellent ralf

Devika Jyothi hat gesagt…

Oh yes, I wonder how foggy my brain was yesterday..maybe because we generally cremate, burial is something I fail to relate immediately...

Rudi's view really expands the view, and thanks for that,


Tikkis hat gesagt…

this circus --
at the same place
again and again

Masago hat gesagt…


Ralf Bröker hat gesagt…

@ Rudi: Thanks a lot for mediating. The circle is also a sign for endlessness.

@ Dev: I have to remember that culture makes us read the same verse in different ways. Thanks for that!

@ Tikkis: Yes! Same morning, same place, same face.

@ Masago: In the truest sense of the word ;-)

@ everybody: I am pleased because of your kind comments.

Best wishes

Magyar hat gesagt…

We learn, and here... I have. _m

Ralf Bröker hat gesagt…

We all do, _m. Thanks for your visit.

Best wishes