Corpus Christi –
neighbours bedight their altar
close to the café


Devika hat gesagt…

Sometimes its all about convenience...sometimes its without much notice...except that some find it odd...

Think of it, God is present everywhere..so it shouldn't matter,

Good observation, Ralf :)


Lorraine hat gesagt…

He is everywhere...and I see better more clearly after coffee ;)

RBroeker hat gesagt…

Thank you, Dev and Lorraine!

This time it was "no points" for Mr. B. after a better round in #3.

It was asked in the comments, whether café has a special meaning and why I used "bedight". May I answer here?

It is a tradition in our town that neighbourhoods build altars when the feast of Corpus Christi is near. It is made of wood, drapery and flowers. After the procession has stopped and is gone the neighbours clear the scene and have a drink or a coffee.

"Bedight" is word used often in the context of churches, it underlines - in my eyes - an oldfashioned way of life in modern times.

"Café" is a modern term in our town, where neighbours used to drink coffee in private houses. It is also a counterpoint to Corpus Christi itself: this feast celebrates that bread and wine become blood and body when Jesus is present.

Could be that I've to learn two things: sophisticated does not mean good, but could lead into nebulosity. And: haiku you have to explain are no haiku.

Will try to keep on improving.

Bes wishes

Gillena Cox hat gesagt…

this to be is typical of a good haiku; not necessarily one which stiulates an AHA moment, since it seems no one understood the tradition, but it was good enough to entertain a comment which espressed misunderstanding in an arena of sharing varioustraditions of a particular theme; this for me is the essence of kukai
Ralf i hope to read many more haiku from you at Caribbean Kigo Kukai

much love

RBroeker hat gesagt…

Thank you for the encouragement, Gillena.

Best wishes

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