Autumn half term–
catching the fog
with a butterfly net

French class–
her pencil lost
in Paris


Emma Dalloway hat gesagt…

and another two exhuberant haiku ... the second one really made me smile... we all seem to leave something behind in France

T.Migratorius hat gesagt…

I saw these at Shiki yesterday Ralf. Very good read!

Devika Jyothi hat gesagt…

I can lend one, if she is a poet :)
& I think in France the pencil will write itself! :))

btw, Ralf I asked your daughter's name -- you didn't tell me there :)


Rachel hat gesagt…


lieben Gruß

Janice Thomson hat gesagt…

Was so busy reading the Shiki I forgot to comment here. I particularly like the idea of catching the fog with a butterfly net...

Ralf Bröker hat gesagt…

Thank you everybody. Your comments make my day.

@ Devika: Our daughter's name is Lara. Sorry I didn't tell before - I thought, I don't have to 'cause she is not visible in the haiga.

Best wishes

Ralf Bröker hat gesagt…

Edit note: Too fast is too bad. I changed "France" into "Paris". I apologize for that.

Best wishes

Masago hat gesagt…


Devika Jyothi hat gesagt…

Okay Ralf :)
I thought it was your daughter in that picture! anyway...nice to know :)


Magyar hat gesagt…

__Oooo... like'em both! But -catching the fog with a butterfly net- such a grand illustration of the impossible... that we all know IS possible when we dream it to be! _m

Dave Serjeant hat gesagt…

Nice one!

Kristin Riggs hat gesagt…

Oh! I love both of these. I find my pencil gets lost in many wonderful places. Also...the butterfly net...that is SO me. I just keep reaching and trying. Absolutely lovely words. :)

John McDonald hat gesagt…

excellent pair here Ralf

Ralf Bröker hat gesagt…

Thank you very much everybody.

Best wishes

gautami tripathy hat gesagt…

like both!

Ralf Bröker hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot, Gautami.

Best wishes

Tikkis hat gesagt…

This is just something,
I also believe,
happening in France

Ralf Bröker hat gesagt…

Love is all around us, Tikkis!

Best wishes

jem hat gesagt…

Sorry I haven't visited your blog in a while. I'm enjoying reading through what I've missed.

These two are beautiful. Innocent and wise at the same time.