Harvest time.
The winegrower checks
the clause

Der Winzer prüft
die Paragrafen

Haiku heute October 2009


Devika hat gesagt…

Good one, Ralf :)


John McDonald hat gesagt…

enjoyed this Ralf

Sam!! hat gesagt…

Nice one..

Take care Ralf :)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Was ist erlaubt und was nicht? Gut, wenn man Öko-Wein trinkt, wie ich. Hübsch kritisch und ein wenig provokativ. Das gefällt mir. Ein Haiku darf ruhig kritisch sein!

What's allowed, what's not? I prefer wine which is grown organical. That's my advantage. Your ku is quite critical and a bit provocative. I like that! Haiku may also be critical!

Best wishes

Magyar hat gesagt…

Egri Bikaver... my favored red; I think 'tis time to pour a glass... . Like this, Ralf! _m

Nana Fredua-Agyeman hat gesagt…

I like this. I keep two blogs: one is for haiku. I hope you would pass by.

Dalloway hat gesagt…

a quiet piece of humour here, Ralf... I like it

Kristin Riggs hat gesagt…

I love it, Ralf. :)

RBroeker hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot, everybody. And a warm welcome to Nana.

@ Rudi: Sometimes describing reality is the strongest way to criticise.

Best wishes

RBroeker hat gesagt…

@_m I prefer Bordeaux, but I also like Shiraz from Australia, Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile and Malbec from Argentina. In Germany we've got some very fine Riesling from the Rhinegau (my favourite area). Of course Rudi knows wine from his area and will say they are excellent. But I have to admit that I don't get Trollinger, Riesling and Silvaner out of the Remstal here.

Best wishes