Early in November.
Father's stone

Haiku heute, December 2009


Inside our hands, outside our hearts hat gesagt…

Even when times passes we can still feel the loss. You have given me an image that reminds me that no matter what the memories stay with us.

very nice.

Soft love,

Devika hat gesagt…

This gives me more to read....anyway, liked the haiku, Ralf :)

In our custom, we cremate and flow the remains into the sea (holy spots along our sea coast) -- Haven't gone back to the spot where my father's was done -- the sea glitter, I sometimes think of....sea has been kind of a parent to me :)


Kristin Riggs hat gesagt…

We're missing my husband's father this Christmas. This one spoke deeply to me, Ralf.

John McDonald hat gesagt…

well expressed Ralf

Anonym hat gesagt…

Reflection has got a double sense. The light is reflectet, but also you think about your father and your life. That's reflection as well. This ku is philosphic. And the light emitted by the stone may be comforting. There is always some light, even when someone has died.
Well done!

Lorraine hat gesagt…

Very tender, a lovely touch for your dad

Rachel hat gesagt…

Lieber Ralf,
du hast dich so richtig dem Haiku verschrieben, dieses hier ist wieder so voller Erinnerungen,
Besitzt du doch auch wundervolle Worte, die sich in Gedichten ganz sicher auch sehr gut nachvollziehen lassen ...

Ich wünsche dir ein ruhiges, wunderschönes 4. Adventswochenende

herzlich, Rachel

RBroeker hat gesagt…

@ T: Yes, memories lead us into future :-)

@ Dev: Have seen many pictures and reportages about that. But it was just strange to me. Now it has a personal view. Because of you! Thanks a lot for this special reflection.

@ Kristin: I feel with you.

@ John & Lorraine: :-)

@ Rudi: Philosphic? Too much honour, I think. But very kind, Rudi ;-) And : Some people believe that the real light is where you go when you die.

@ Rachel: Dem Haiku verschrieben? Da ist wohl was dran. Es ist mir auf jeden Fall wichtig. Noch wichtiger ist mir allerdings, dem in meinem Leben eine Sprache zu geben, das flüchtig scheint, aber versteckt dauerhaft ist ... Au Backe, das klingt angehoben ... Aber ich kriege es nicht prosaischer hin. Tut mir Leid. Auf jeden Fall vielen Dank für das viele Lob und die lieben Wünsche! Dir das Gleiche!

@ all: Why I like Haiku? For it is thinking and concentrating before _and_ while writing to me. Commenting in my blog is a bit different. And this is why this comment is so opulent this time. Sorry for that!

Best wishes

Magyar hat gesagt…

__Beautiful... these feelings exist among us all. _m

RBroeker hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot, _m!

Best wishes