Pentecost feast
granny's pepper salad
tastes of glass

Asahi, 4th of June 2010


Anonym hat gesagt…

It fits to this May we had - unfortunately. Fine observation!
But I'm sure we will get tasty tomatoes. I look forward optimistically.

Best wishes

Sam!! hat gesagt…

Very well expressed..simple things in simple ways..

Take care

Lorraine hat gesagt…

burns the inside like a cut? I love it, I think lol

oh and word verification is
glastei lol

Magyar hat gesagt…

from the mason jar
last harvest

__There seemed... a certain glassy taste to my grandmother's preserves. Your haiku shook that memory.

Nice! _m

Gillena Cox hat gesagt…


much love

carlos gesmundo hat gesagt…

Does granny read Asahi or your blog? :)

I can imagine your face as you dug into the salad.

Best regards.


Cindybrown hat gesagt…

Very well said!!!

Ralf Bröker hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot everybody.

@Rudi: Our tomatoes grow in that speed a rock melts. Anyway: it is sunny and not too warm here.

@Lorraine: Could be. But this time Granny's food is - simply as this - not fresh.

@magyar: The German word for this is "Einwecken" (to can s. th.). Funny thing: "Wecken" means to waken somebody - but it was Johann Carl Weck who made everybody to cook vegetable, fruit and meat in glasses.

@carlos: Both grans are reading my poems on a higher level, I think. Hopefully they smile.

Best wishes