Stacking firewood
my son wants to know
all about tsunami

Lenten season--
how far is it from here
to Fukushima?

Asahi, 2011/04/01

east wind
in the light of a street lamp
a fox 

is calling—
east wind  

blue buds
on the boundary ridge
east wind

Sketchbook, Kukai 2011-1/2

first warm day
the candlelight dinner ends
with heartburn

lifting the cover
she makes me take a smell
jasmine buds

fresh buckrams
a boy does not want
his mates to come
rear view mirror
again these crows
peck the magpie
The Shiki Monthly, March 2011


Lorraine hat gesagt…

Life has many stories to share but not all can see, I'm glad you do, these are beautiful Doug

Lorraine hat gesagt…

oops not doug, I'm so sorry, Ralf

Frank... hat gesagt…

Some nice sets here, Ralf...

Dave Serjeant hat gesagt…

Hi Ralf - I liked the tsunami poem especially.

Bill hat gesagt…

A very nice gathering.

Magyar hat gesagt…

Just one great set here Ralf! _m

Janice Thomson hat gesagt…

You've been busy - much enjoyed these Ralf. The first one really hit a chord. Had a good chuckle at the heartburn one too :)

Masago hat gesagt…

Nice series...

mercè hat gesagt…

bello conjunto !!

Sam!! hat gesagt…

Nice post..:)

Take care

Devika hat gesagt…

Many good sets , Ralf :)


Devika hat gesagt…

long time Ralf...Hope all is well,


Ralf Bröker hat gesagt…

Thank you very much everybody. Just rough times at the moment, hope to have some hours for visiting your blogs soon.

Best wishes