letting the red wine

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The Best Road

My godchild is going to show up for celebrating the Holy Communion. Still not having taken a shower, I walk the dogs our morning loop and get dragged along B54. Udo Lindenberg, a German rock singer, once wrote a song about that road. Being the best road of his town because it would lead out of it.

On my way home
a row of colored backs
in strawberry fields

In Chrysanthemum #10 you will find "crosses" instead of 
"backs", another translation of the German word "Kreuze".

Udo Wenzel ...

... Klaus-Dieter Wirth, Claudia Brefeld and Rudi Pfaller are our new guests on Haiku from German Tongues. Please feel free and have a look.



Bill hat gesagt…

The image in "starlight" is quite beautiful.

Gillena Cox hat gesagt…


much love...

Magyar hat gesagt…

... and the translation "crosses"
is of more meaning to me.

A toast! _m

the road away
we travel its many turns

Ralf Bröker hat gesagt…

Thank you, Bill, Gillena and _m. And yes, _m, the numbers of meanings is higher that way.

Best wishes