The 12 days of Christmas at Lunch Break

flickering candle
she only knows
this one song

after the meal
my dog pulls me
in a new direction

playing cards
the other ones

the twins' parents
ask for white christmas

out into the garden
a handfull

the last bottle
of this pack
she hides his key

each light
in every arm

to open a door 
into a new year

on ice  
she finishes 
in the middle of her turn

on legs and hands
Daddy becomes
a donkey

watching football
my son knows
all the names

lunch time
a pan full of

First published on Gillena Cox's
very fine "Lunch Break" 2011/12


Gillena Cox hat gesagt…

Thank you for celebrating with me; Best Wishes for 2012

much love...

Bill hat gesagt…

a very nice group, and a good start to the year.

Magyar hat gesagt…

Nicely shown, progressive.
Best wishes for the new year. _m

Nana Fredua-Agyeman hat gesagt…

my favourite:

the last bottle
of this pack
she hides his key

Ralf Bröker hat gesagt…

Thank you all! And "progresive" makes me happy, _m :-)

may hat gesagt…

your haiku poems are really great. Keep it up. :)

Ralf Bröker hat gesagt…

Thank you, may.