school exchange...
what's Vergissmeinnicht
in English?

Vacanti mouse
a bobbysoxer checks up

weeding yet again
the forget-me-not
has vanished

jumping into
colours above the sprinkler
the boy I was

German motorway
the children ask to stop
for a rainbow

International Kukai, June 2012

this time I think about
what to say

graduation party
I remember my first
Blue Curaçao

The Shiki Monthly, July 2012

morning moon
a woman wonders whether
she is pregnant

... the flavour of
bourbon vanilla

The Shiki Monthly, June 2012

end of month
the old couple asks for
rose ice cream

The Shiki Monthly, May 2012 

thinking about fixing
the cottage roof


Gillena Cox hat gesagt…

"jumping into
colours above the sprinkler
the boy I was"

This one's my favourite of the lot

much love....

Bill hat gesagt…

A lot of good work here. I especially like "weeding" and "morning moon," as well as the one Gillena has singled out.

Ralf Bröker hat gesagt…

Thanks for visiting my blog. Great, you found some interesting verses :-)