Disneyland --- my neighbour steps out for the third time --- no smoking

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Gabriele Brunsch hat gesagt…

Ich bin verwirrt...
da ist Disneyland, mit den hundertfachen Assoziationen - und einer der vermutlich zum Rauchen rausgeht... und das Verbotsschild - aber dann brennt da einer, so wie niemand brennt, es sei denn es ist jemand, der sich entschlossen hat zu brennen, wie eine indische Witwe, eine Vogelscheuche oder ein Greenpeace Anhänger, der sich sichtbar machen möchte /Fake oder nicht Fake/) Ich bin verwirrt...
...und dann der Text, der auf Disney hindeutet, auf die Not des Rauchers und das Verbot...
Für mich ist schon allein das Wort "Disney" ein unglaubliches Vergehen, verzeih, ein Vergehen an der Welt, eine Welt-Schizophrenie, eine Ver-Rückt-Heit - (pst - ich weiß, Disney war ein echter Mensch, ein begnadeter Maler - Zeichner - Unternehmer - aber man möchte fast gleuben, er verkörperte die negative Macht, das Böse, das unglaubliche.
mich gruselt es ganz schrecklich und wenn ich nicht aufpasse, dann werde ich ein schrecklich gedicht darauf dichten...

Magyar hat gesagt…

...and I do so like to puff my pipe, yet I step far away from others, I, never wishing to offend. I remain silent when I feel "offended" in some way, those offences are always 'insignificant' in the eyes of the offenders.
_I've never seen a burning man at Disneyland, ich bin verwirrt ?
_I appreciate the issue here! _m

Lorraine hat gesagt…

Doube speecheless
1) for this enigmatic combo
and for your comments about your son's art at 2 years old...oh indeed he must be the reincarnation of a great artist ;)

RBroeker hat gesagt…

Thank you for thinking and your wodnerful comments.

@ Lorraine: "the reincarnation of a great artist". No, my dear ;-) Just as of yet unspoiled. Aside: I don't know what doube is (found this: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Doube)

@ Magyar: It is a picture of the stuntmen-show. and: Feel free and have a pipe now ;-) I won't mind.

@ Gabriele: Ich hatte gehofft, der Verwirrung Raum zu geben, aber auch einen Weg daraus zu zeigen. Wissen wir, ob der Raucher neben mir nur immer wieder geht, weil er rauchen will? Womöglich möchte auch er ein schrecklich Lied auf all das singen ...

My hope was, to open a room for some confusion and to show a way out of it. Do we know, why the smoker leaves the place again and again? Just for a cig? Might be that he just wants to sing the awful tune, you were thinking about.

Tikkis hat gesagt…

As an old pipe-smoker I agree with you, Ralf; Smoking is dangerous for our health!

Janice Thomson hat gesagt…

I read somewhere that self-importance is our greatest enemy - what weakens us is feeling offended by the deeds and misdeeds of our fellowmen. It seems nowadays the offenders are much less worried about offending and the offended are much less worried about how vocal they are about the offenders.
Thought-provoking haiga Ralf.

Devika hat gesagt…

Offence or no offence, I love smokers!

Good haiga, Ralf :)


Anonym hat gesagt…

I don't like to be molested by smokers, but I don't hate smokers. Let them be! But I don't understand this picture with a burning man concerning the haiku about smokers. Smokers don't burn. And what about Disney Land? Another enigma still persists. Too much fantasia to recept by readers.
I beg your pardon for bad English.


Lorraine hat gesagt…

I call it a double typo lol well what will they think of next, Good God!
Let's just I was speechless twice, and both words mispelled

RBroeker hat gesagt…

Thank you very much everybody.

@ Lorraine: Now I got it :-)

@ Rudi & Tikkis: I didn't wnat to wirte against smokers, but to show what happend in Paris, Disneyland: My family and me was watching a stuntmen-show with a lot of thunder, fire and smoke. And the man next to me left his place a couple of times. I asked him why. And he said: "No smoking here." I wrote it down, took one of my photographs and combined it.

I found a second layer in this combo later. It came unforced: a critical view on Disneyland.

Here I see, that it could be read as a statement in the anti-smoking-campaign. Well, in my eyes this only works when the picture is not mentioned.

@ Rudi: My fear was I were too realistic! (And concerning the language: don't worry, they even understand most of my words ;-)

Best wishes

Anonym hat gesagt…

Thanks for your explanation, Ralf!
Have a nice day tomorrow ("May walking tour", like many Germans do?)


RBroeker hat gesagt…

My sister is having a garden party. May be the last Labour Day we celebrate this way.

First of May--
my son breaks
a pink

Best wishes