photo: rbroeker 4/2009

the sound of
your watercolour


Janice Thomson hat gesagt…

As a watercolour painter this really strikes a chord Ralf. Delightful haiga.

Devika hat gesagt…

Beautiful composition, Ralf :)


Dalloway hat gesagt…

very beautiful! not a word out of place. perhaps you could try adding the words to the picture?

Gabriele Brunsch hat gesagt…

Ich bin entzückt, hier hast Du die zarten Elemente, die sanfteren Schatten des Frühlings mit dem Klang von Wasserfarben in Einklang gebracht, und das Bild dazu...

Das "your" - gibt dem Satz eine persönliche Note, ist es Teil eines Gesprächs mit dem Maler/in?

Der Klang der Farbe, die Nuancen von Farben, die sinnliche Wahrnehmung, Auditives mit Visuellem vermischt, finde ich besonders gelungen.

Lorraine hat gesagt…

....sigh...I caught my breath, oh how many ways do I love this..precious precious words and that watercolour, it's exquisite...who's the artist?

Frank Williams hat gesagt…

I think Lorraine has said everything - superb!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Ralf, you are leaving classic haiku-rules, more daring using synesthesia. You are on the way to lyric poetry. Good decision. I estimate this way. Once you will say "I did it my way". I like courageous poets.

Warm regards

RBroeker hat gesagt…

Thank you very much everybody for your friendly comments. My son made this watercolour picture when he was two years old. I was fasinated, when he showed it to me. And I had Mr. Picassos word in my head that he tried to do everything to paint like a child. Yesterday I rediscouvered this painting among others. And the words found me.

Best wishes

Laure hat gesagt…

Ralf ... this is, perhaps, my most favorite of yours.

actually ... 'one' of my most favorite