in the long run
children's laughter.

Am langen Ende
das Kinderlachen.

Haiku heute September 2008


Magyar hat gesagt…

Children's laughter... is the long run, the future of it all. I know no one, whose low mood isnt lifted... by the young, laughing.

Fine one! _m

RBroeker hat gesagt…

Thanks, Magyar!

Best wishes

Devika hat gesagt…

Oh children and their laughter....it takes all the stress out of me when I am with them! :)

Nice one, Ralf


John McDonald hat gesagt…

enjoyed all of these

© GeBe hat gesagt…

By the way: Dear Ralf, today I see my link in your side bar. Thank you very much.

Sorry, but I don't understand this ku.

the long run?
( The worse is yet to come. ? )

Happy Easter!

RBroeker hat gesagt…

@ Devika: So I do. They fill my life (but sometimes jump on my nerves as well).

@ John: Thank you.

@ Gesine: It was a great pleasure for me. A word to your question: It might go so or so. This verse used to have a kite-scene in its first line, but I deleted it for more layers. Wrong decision?

Best wishes

Janice Thomson hat gesagt…

Ah...the sound of a child's laughter can put joy in the soul like none other. Today in the school yards the laughter seems a touch on the hard side...

Tikkis hat gesagt…

in the long run < -- Am langen Ende

We got the same Gesine's problem in Finnish: long - pitkä -> groß, run - juoksu -> Lauf ,
in Finland all the politics are using this saying in Finnish, word by word translation: xx groß zz Lauf ( xx-zz = Short of my German!) when they simply are meaning: "during a longer period" or something like that-

? ?

L2 Kinderlachen: a nice word!

RBroeker hat gesagt…

Yes, Janice. Hopefully the greek idea is still true that the older ones are always wrong in complaining about the youth ...

Tikkis, interesting point of view: I didn't see it politically, but social. lang --> lang, not groß: In Germany the modt politicians think in four-or-five-years-steps. I must admit this is better than in quartley reports ...

Best wishes

RBroeker hat gesagt…

aaah Tikkis: mistake. It should be "long --> lang".


Tikkis hat gesagt…

Studying German here, great!

- I think our politicians are lying when they say "in the long run". They don't do it!

RBroeker hat gesagt…

I study German every day, Tikkis. Won't come to an end, I hope.

Best wishes