the banquette blows
some sun.


Lorraine hat gesagt…

I wonder If I'll ever be able to say it the way you do, I love this :)

gautami tripathy hat gesagt…

Banquette..like it blowing the sun!

Devika hat gesagt…

Yes, that was a unique seeing/saying, Ralf :)


Magyar hat gesagt…

Intriguing... Ralf! _m

Tikkis hat gesagt…


Windy sun resting
in the banquette's

Anonym hat gesagt…

I am sad. My English is too bad to figure out the meaning and the message of this ku. Online-dictionaries didn't help me.
So, Ralf, pleas help me! I would estimate a german version.
I admire your competence in English language.

Best wishes

RBroeker hat gesagt…

Rudi, there is nothing to revere at all. The verse started when I tried translate one of my unseccessfull German Haiku-attempt:

Frühlingssonne --
der Bürgersteig

I didn't find a way to show this idea of a teething dandelions in English, so I tried to find the heart of the verse as far as I saw it.

I remembered a sonnett in which "blow" means "bloom", and by chance I found that "to blow something" means "to spend something". (I still hear a good friend from Ireland who used to say that rich people and politicians blow money they don't own.)

Of course the Bürgersteig changed into a Gehweg/Grünstreifen; and "some sun" is not only ment as an alliteration in connection with line a (fortunately it surrounds the bb in line b). It is also a gentle clue to the German source - dandelions.

Finally, in my ears the haiku sounds allright. It sounds like spring. I can see it. So, nothing to admire at all.

Best wishes

Janice Thomson hat gesagt…

I was glad to read your explanation (while sheepishly admitting that I had to look 'banquette' up)in order to understand this better and admire it that much more :)

RBroeker hat gesagt…

Right, Janice, hope to write basic haiku one day. Coming to that point will take a lot of effort.

Best wishes