Sunday in spring
driving home for
a rendezvous


Dalloway hat gesagt…

a busy weekend? no matter, the sun's up longer and the warmer weather will keep you going... lovely

Devika hat gesagt…

Nice, hope you had a good time, Ralf :)


Lorraine hat gesagt…

Lovely, and new I always think of rendez-vous as a Summer fling ;)

Janice Thomson hat gesagt…

This delightful haiga reminds of my youth when getting together on a Sunday was a big deal...

Magyar hat gesagt…

A dreamy ride home.

Gabriele Brunsch hat gesagt…

This is a little scene that I love very much - it is open in the end.
I prefer the following version:

home means the place I love to be and there is somebody waiting who I am in love with - and with this beloved person I will have a rendevous ...

Thank you for this wonderful Haiku

Frank Williams hat gesagt…

A touching moment...

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hallo Ralf,

I dare to write down a variation - maybe more condensed.

driving in spring
driving home
for a rendezvous

My regret ist that Sunday got lost.

Anyway spring and rendezvous are a perfect juxtaposition.

Best wishes
have a nice and creative weekend

RBroeker hat gesagt…

Thank you all very much. I feel honoured that you like it, for to me this one is a very personal verse. Quite difficult to open it to other people.

Frohe Pfingsten! (Happy pentecost - as far as I can translate it.)

Best wishes