Late breakfast --
my Stammtisch certainly waits
to raise the toast

An answer to "sunday breakfast" in senryushelf


Devika hat gesagt…

certainly something very nice about this , Ralf :)

& I learned a German word...and a poetic one, :)


Frank Williams hat gesagt…

Nice one Ralf. I too learnt a new German word...

Dalloway hat gesagt…

looks like we're all learning a little German today... this is a feel good haiku... its fun and social

gautami tripathy hat gesagt…

I suppose I can brush up my miniscule knowledge of German!

Lorraine hat gesagt…

Let's all Toast Ralf, who keeps us on our toes lol

Anonym hat gesagt…

Let them wait!
(Certainly a very private story.)
Raising toast at home is good as well.


Magyar hat gesagt…

Always grand to learn something new... within this 'circle of friends.' Thank you... Ralf, we join Lorraine, Toast! _m

RBroeker hat gesagt…

Oh, my father's sun is smiling :-) Thanks a lot.

Best wishes