Cold summer day--
having the munchies for
Malaga ice-cream


Cindybrown hat gesagt…

Ocassionly we have cool summer mornings, but right now it is 100degrees. I do not know what malaga ice- cream is. But any kind of ice cream is good :)

Ralf Bröker hat gesagt…

Here is an idea of it: http://www.matteocorreggia.com/mele_rovesciate_eng.pdf

Best wishes

Gillena Cox hat gesagt…

Having googled and found this recipe

Malaga (raisin) Ice Cream
Ingredients: 125 g sugar, 250 g milk, 150 g cream, 1 egg, 75 g raisin, a bit of rum.
Wash rasin and macerate it in enough rum to cover it. Whisk eggs and sugar, add cream and milk, mix well and pour the mixture into the ice cream maker bowl. When ice-cream is ready, add dried raisin and some of the rum used for macerating; mix again.

Now i can say Yummy, i'm not an icecream maker though; i make a delicious smoothie usin my blender and sometimes instead of drinking it righr away, i freeze the mixture in cubes into an ice tray; all my icecreams are store bought; what you call malaga; in T&T we call 'Rum and Raisin'
Delicious haiku
much love

Devika Jyothi hat gesagt…

Summer is not my season, nor icecream an item of my taste,

but nice haiku, Ralf :)


haiku-shelf hat gesagt…

I never eat ice-cream (too cold for me, I could have a neuralgia) but I like this haiku/senryû! Malaga! What a sound! The word brings me to... Always nice to see what words (names) can do.

Best wishes,

Lorraine hat gesagt…

LOL I really enjoy this...in all seasons ;)

Hallel hat gesagt…

how's this for coincidence ... just today i bought a shade of nail polish called 'malaga wine'. now when i look at my toes, i'll think of this verse, Ralf.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts hat gesagt…

This made me smile. We have had, with the exception of a few hot days, a rather cool summer. But ice cream is always a wonderful thing.

I enjoyed this.

Tikkis hat gesagt…

Cold? But then read what Malaga Ice cream is, and found it! Yes! I could have my (Jamaica) Rhum without any raisins, also .-)

Once I visited Malaga and of course bought 2 ltrs of Malaga-wine. (I didn't like it.) If I'll visit there once more I'll ask some Malaga-ice-cream.

Our summer is not too hot, not cold either. Some rain, some sun.

My best Malaga-memories
were not wine,
neither ice-cream... ;-)

Magyar hat gesagt…

Oooo... pass by no summer craveings. Sounds delicious to me. _m

Masago hat gesagt…

Intriguing... had to look up Malaga. :-)

Ralf Bröker hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot everybody. What happens if you eat to much ice-cream will be shown here in my next post (just twittered it: http://twitter.com/r_broeker, will need some time to work it out).

Best wishes

J. Andrew Lockhart hat gesagt…

good idea! :)

Ralf Bröker hat gesagt…

Thank you for visiting this site, Andrew!

Best wishes