The Portrait

I am too late. I would like to jolt traffic jam and annoyance out of my coat and to excuse myself. My host passes a hanger to me: "My mistake– I should not arrange appointments for Monday mornings."

In his office I give myself a breathing space with the story of a Native American who went by train for the first time in his life: "My body is already here. My soul, however, isn't yet." My host nods. He starts telling me.

He speaks quietly. It is about the latest news, local events, and people's expectations. Looking over his shoulder I recognise the Dalai Lama's portrait on a desk.

"My colleague has the same picture", I say. My host waits until I look in his eyes again: "Well, I am a practising Buddhist."

We smile. The sound of an indoor fountain.


Devika hat gesagt…

Interesting, Ralf :)


Anonym hat gesagt…
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Anonym hat gesagt…

Who knows about buddhism recognizes buddhists in your haibun. Who doesn't know about buddhism, may get some mood. Well done!

Best wishes

Magyar hat gesagt…

___Slides into that telepathic -inclusion of thought- realm, grand lines here!
___A Patuxet once said: -I live as the tree, travel as the brook, think as the bird.- _m

RBroeker hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot, Dev, Rudi and _m.

Best wishes

John McDonald hat gesagt…

very good Ralf

Gillena Cox hat gesagt…

exquisite; i enjoyed this haibun so much

Rachel hat gesagt…

Eine Grundtiefe ist hier sehr gut zu erkennen, gefällt mir wirklich!!!

Ralf, dir ein feines Wochenende, hier nieselt es grad und dunkelt so vor sich hin;-)

herzlich, Rachel

RBroeker hat gesagt…

Oh, I missed these comments. And I am very sorry about that. Thanks a lot, Rachel, Gillena and John.

Best wishes