Snowflake in my hand
if I was dead
it would stay


Devika hat gesagt…

Not so sure of the snowflakes, myself...but very touching haiku!...even as one reads it lightly,

coincedentally i wrote of death today - at the other blog,


Lorraine hat gesagt…

yes until it rested on the bone...how touching this is Ralf

Frank Williams hat gesagt…

This haiku shows to me the transience of life - nice one Ralf...

Anonym hat gesagt…

I don't want to write "nice one". Thinking about death isn't nice. Nevertheless your ku opens wide to thoughts about fading, about the end of life. I hope to stay here in some kind. I hope anything of me will remain. Hope always will reamain.
Sorry about bad idioms. Still my English is bad.
Best wishes

Masago hat gesagt…

Morbid, but true. ;-)

Rachel hat gesagt…

... so vieles überdauert unseren Tod, ich glaube, wir leben gut damit ;-)

dir alles Liebe, lieber Ralf,

herzlich, Rachel

Magyar hat gesagt…

__Open thought: Are not we all our own "snowflake" in essence? Fine one Ralf! _m

John McDonald hat gesagt…

well done ralf congrats on Mainichi

Gillena Cox hat gesagt…

ah; your warmth, so well intimated

much love

Tikkis hat gesagt…

a warm asylum
for a freezing


old pajamas hat gesagt…


Yes, I understand. Thank you...pajamas

RBroeker hat gesagt…

I beg your pardon: At home I am only able to post in this blog, neither commenting here nor anywhere else is possible. Hope to get that fixed soon.

(I am writing this from my pc in my buerau, but I really don't like doing that.)

Best wishes