her freckles
this morning
crossed by easter fire's ashes

Caribbean Kigo Kukai #11

my taste buds
listen to bagpipes

my mum weeds
in my new patch

The Shiki Monthly, 2010/03

my shadow seems to fall
in her's

morning of the final
mother folds
his lucky socks

The Shiki Monthly, 2010/02


Magyar hat gesagt…
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Magyar hat gesagt…

Great group Ralf!
__Extra-fine is your:

'my shadow seems to fall in her's'

(sorry, my first comment... so badly written)

John McDonald hat gesagt…

yes nice sets

LadyArt hat gesagt…

even if I am just repeating what has already been said and thought... these poems are great and the following words:

my shadow seems to fall
in her's

is really wonderful!!!

in her's/into hers
to fall into -
her's = her is (which does not exist)

"zusammenfallen" "sich decken mit" oder "sich auflösen in"
they are all there, the positive and the negative... I really love the thought.

Lorraine hat gesagt…

Oh you are so talented, I have so much to learn from you!

Rachel hat gesagt…

Lieber Ralf,


herzlichst, Rachel

Bill hat gesagt…

Good group. I especially like "anniversary."

she laughs again
at my joke

Anonym hat gesagt…

my taste buds
listen to bagpipes

Listening with the tongue - that's great synaestesia. Associating the taste of shortbread with Irish (Scottish, English) music, to which you were listening in an English coffeehouse: so I think about that.
Very sensitive and good mix of inside and outside.

Best wishes

RBroeker hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot everybody. And I will keep on trying to find out about "her's" ...

Best wishes

Frank Williams hat gesagt…

A lovely series of poems, Ralf...

T.Migratorius hat gesagt…

This is a great set Ralf. I really love the 'anniversary' poem especially here.

Henrique Pimenta hat gesagt…

Very nice group.

Cindybrown hat gesagt…

Wonderful Ralf!!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Wonderful collection of haiku! "Anniversary" speaks volumes. Simply beautiful. "Morning of the final" is delightful! All are speaking to me, pulling me into the moment.

Ralf Bröker hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot. I am very pleased.

Best wishes