Audio-Sequence at Haikuscope

I am pleased to announce an audio-sequence at Haikuscope, an internet-project by Hubertus Thum, Gerd Börner and Michael Dehnhoff. Interested readers may have a look at this page and listen to five haiku, presented in German. Here you find the English translation:

Parents' Day
the shrieking
of the chalk

Christmas in downtown.
God knows  
I don't want to be an angel.

(referring to Rammstein: Engel)

Parents' tears.
Didn't snow fall

blue sky –
this cloud
is mine

fireside chat
this pebble stone
I let it skip

(Haiku have been published in Fotohaiku, Haiku heute and Chrysanthemum.) 


Lorraine hat gesagt…

Oh I love these, wonderfully put together !

Ralf Bröker hat gesagt…

Thank you!

Best wishes