Ramona Linke on "Haiku from German Tongues"

Dear friends,

our second guest on "Haiku from German Tongues" is Ramona Linke. http://haikufromgermantongues.blogspot.com/ presents haiku in English from authors, who come from a German speaking origin. Selected entries will be published here every two weeks.

By the way: We have started "haiku-like" on Facebook as an open group. If you know other haiku-activities in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Xing and so on, feel free to inform me. I would like to have and share an overview about haiku-activities in social networks.

Best wishes
Ralf Bröker


Devika Jyothi hat gesagt…

Thank you for that link Ralf....and good sets here :)


Lorraine hat gesagt…

Yes really enjoyed them, thank :)you Ralf