Online now: Haiku from German Tongues

Dear friends, I would like you to have look at "Haiku from German Tongues".The idea concerning this new blog:

Many authors write haiku in German, some of them publish world wide. But there seems to be no place to get an overview of this community in English. This is why "Haiku from German Tongues" would like to present haiku in English from authors, who come from a German speaking origin.

To show the width of haiku from German tongues to an international audience, Heike Stehr and I ask haijin to send three haiku in English, a short biography and a link to their homepage, blog or haiku-organization. If selected haiku have been published before, we would be pleased to set up a link to the primary publication.

Selected entries will be published here every two weeks. First guest to be presented is Dietmar Tauchner.


Lorraine hat gesagt…

Wow that is awesome, it will be an honour to read...I'll be here ;)

Ralf Bröker hat gesagt…

Great to have you as a follower and to follow you, Lorraine.