the windshield saves
from the insect

between the muses pine smooches pine

note alt tab swoodoo alt tab


Courageously, the needle finds her way through the skin. Reaches finally this black spot under the fingernail. Pushing now the hurting something slowly toward the fingertip.

It could be a small rose prickle. Or a tiny piece of splinter. Whatever! It came out. And she is tucked into the drapes again.

Ascension Day
Mom spits
into her handkerchief


walking the Royal Mile
with eyes
on my now

alumni reunion
the storks' nest

somewhere in the mist
a dog barks
at me

our bedroom
the red light
booms into

sweetheart's moans 
after Pilates lesson
a glass of birch sap

Easter walk
grasping an idea
and stumbling

Saturday renku senryu

flea market morning
heaven provides

leaned on his walking stick

he talks with a neighbor

R. B./Gillena Cox, TT

the eye I see
tolls red tolls red
to hell

so hot today
but the apple
I picked 

Assumption Day
jet fighters land
at the fairground

my thoughts
wander into the white
of a wall

election day
my shadow meditates 
outside the cave





Magyar hat gesagt…

Good work here Ralf... I really like your dog in the mist! _m

Dave Serjeant hat gesagt…

enjoyed these Ralf, particularly the splinter haibun.