an old cat catches
an old leaf


Frank hat gesagt…

Nice one, Ralf...

Devika hat gesagt…

A vegetarian cat!?

oh,no...it reminds me of our school days when play was more important than lunch at lunchtime -- good 'ku, Ralf :)


Dave Serjeant hat gesagt…

enjoyed this

Magyar hat gesagt…

__Great picture... the cat chasing the breeze-blown leaf!

Lorraine hat gesagt…

and they never give up...on play time, I love this Ralf :)

Anonym hat gesagt…

"Old" two times as a stylistic device - but not too old! This cat is not really old for my perceiving. This cat and this wizened leaf hold the balance between vitality and morbidity. The reader may be unsure how to read this text. That gives this ku a particular appeal.

I like it very much!

Carlos Gesmundo hat gesagt…

Great image, Ralf. Must have been a slow leaf.

Best wishes.

Rachel hat gesagt…

Lieber Ralf,

stimmt, der Herbst lässt spielen;-)

herzlichst, Rachel

Henrique Pimenta hat gesagt…


I love!


Cindybrown hat gesagt…

Very nice Ralf, I can just picture it!!

John McDonald hat gesagt…

love it ralf

haiku-shelf hat gesagt…

A good haiku!

And I think that Rudi (see his comment) found the right words: "...the balance between vitality and morbidity...".

Best wishes,

Ralf Bröker hat gesagt…

Dev, she was just a lazy one, I think. Rudi, you find words where my words loose chains - great to know that. Carlos, yeah. Angelika, happy to see your comment here.

Thank you, Frank, Dave, _m, Lorraine, Henrique, Rachel, Cindy and John. Great to know you liked to be here and to read this.

Best wishes