Urban Set

he leaves the train
she can't finish
the text

tomato slices

she types
her daughter's birthday

fifth beer
a national team coach turns
into a dictator

night bus
he knows the man
and pretends to sleep


Cindybrown hat gesagt…

very nice haiku's Ralf

Devika hat gesagt…

yes, good urban sets, Ralf :)


Lorraine hat gesagt…

wow this is a fantastic set, each has its own power, I couldn't tell you which I loved more, mmm maybe the mom/daughter one they're all great, more please ;)

Dave Serjeant hat gesagt…

good sequence Ralf

Gillena Cox hat gesagt…

love them the last one gave me a chuckle:)

much love

Anonym hat gesagt…

This Urban Set is an exposition of urban mood done in haiku. I love it!


Janice Thomson hat gesagt…

These are excellent Ralf. Think I may be guilty of the last one a time or two...
Drinking The Moon is back again.

Magyar hat gesagt…

I like'em all!

Oooops... I spilled your words, and when I scooped them up, they may have gotten themselves into the wrong place. ;<)

fifth beer
she can't finish
night bus

Rachel hat gesagt…

Lieber Ralf,

ich find sie alle gelungen, kann man doch aus jedem einen Sinn erkennen!!!

herzlichst, Rachel

oximoron hat gesagt…

Hi, my haiku-blog:

enjoy! :)

Ralf Bröker hat gesagt…

Thank you very much everybody. Urbanity was submission theme at http://tinywords.com. I enjoy reading some very excellent haiku in this issue.

Best wishes