a sun shines
through my closed eyes
spring fever

in your eyes
my tears
do not fall


Magyar hat gesagt…

Lovely linkage. I really like the second.

__My tears are not in your eyes, yet, I may have caused them.

Janice Thomson hat gesagt…

Gosh Ralf I too really like that second verse - it brings a lump to my throat...

Anonym hat gesagt…

Sunshine through closed eyes - That's the sun inside as well. Happy must be everybody with this sun inside. I like this image.

Best wishes

Lorraine hat gesagt…

I get a few sentiments that kind of hurt, it is so beautifully written Ralf...

Anonym hat gesagt…

After reading and reading I've got a dark feeling: I don't hope the second ku describes a funeral (in the eyes of a person who passed away no tears of surviving dependants are depicted). Am I wrong?

Best wishes

Bill hat gesagt…

A good pair

Masago hat gesagt…

Says it all.

Devika hat gesagt…

Good sets, Ralf..first one is kind of familiar; and second, could be read in a few ways for the ambiguity in Line 1,


Ralf Bröker hat gesagt…

Thank you all!

@_m: Yes, my tears are in my eyes - and I was the reason.

@Janice: It still has the same effect on me.

@Rudi: It opens many ways, I think. The moment it came was more like your first thought. But don't we all think about not being here anymore while watching with closed eyes?

@Lorraine: All kind of feelings are all kinds of wealth, I think.

@Bill, Masago, Devika: yes!

Best wishes