cold night in spring--
neighbours are making
a wedding wreath


Lorraine hat gesagt…

What a lovely thing to do on a cold night, lovely mood here Ralf ;)

Devika hat gesagt…

Last week, someone said of funeral wreaths :)

anyway, to me this sounds much better, Ralf...cold spring night-- so alluring..here's its scorching heat!


Gillena Cox hat gesagt…

what a heartwarming ku, i love it

much love

Frank Williams hat gesagt…

A very nice haiku Ralf...

gautami tripathy hat gesagt…

Best thing one can do..:)

polona hat gesagt…

there's warmth in this and a promise of better things to come... very nice

btw, english is my second language also so i reckon i'm somewhat limited in its use as well. but that doesn't mean we can't produce good work, no? ;)

RBroeker hat gesagt…

Thank you very much everybody for your kind comments. They make me feel good.

@ Polona: Limitation can open doors. Haiku is limitation and door opener in itself and in others.

Best wishes

Magyar hat gesagt…

Well done Ralf!

Cindybrown hat gesagt…

Very nice:)

Dalloway hat gesagt…

I like Polona's comment - a warmth of things to come.

Im in awe of those that can write haiku in a second language.

RBroeker hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot, _m, Cindybrown and Dalloway!

Best wishes

Alan Summers hat gesagt…

Wonderful haiku, the two halves of the haiku certainly make for more than a whole. ;-)

bus queue
the chill of spring rain
on my fresh haircut
all my best,

With Words Online Haiku Competition.

Janice Thomson hat gesagt…

Yes Polona pegged this well. Good one!

RBroeker hat gesagt…

Thank you, Alan und Janice.

@ Alan: Hope to feel good enough one day to take part in your competition.

Best wishes